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Continuously monitor the quality of your process water and other liquids in the field of water, waste water and filtration technology. As a plant operator, you can optimally use our turbidimeter to monitor the water quality of incoming water or to control the waste water quality in production. Locate sources of contamination in machines and plants with extensive, distributed pipe systems. The meter provides a 4...20 mA analogue value output and a limit value output.

TRM-100 Turbidimeter (0...1.000 FNU or 500...4.000 FAU)
4...20 mA
  • process analytics
  • Turbidity



Turbidimeter (0...1.000 FNU or 500...4.000 FAU)

The turbidimeter TRM-100 is a compact device for measuring turbidity in liquids. The "turbidity" is measured using the scattered light method (angle 90 degrees) for the turbidity range of < 1,000 FNU (Formazine Nephelometric Units) and the transmitted light method (angle 0 degrees) for the turbidity ranges > 1,000 FAU (Formazine Attenuation Units).

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